Captain Eddie Castelin              


The oldest son of the original renaissance man, Capt. Eddie has always looked at things and not asked how, but how could he do it and make it better.

A cabinetmaker, construction supertindent and carpenter for over 45 years, Captain Eddie has done it all when it comes to wood.  Turning wood first happened at L.E. Rabouin Vocational High in 1962.  Then it was all utilitarian, furniture legs, lamps, spindles, etc.  About 15 years ago Captain discovered turning as a hobby, an art form, a release from normal woodturning an outlet for expression.

In recent years, he has added ornamental turning to his portfolio of work.  After building a Rose Engine lathe, capable of duplicating ornamental wood work of more than a century ago, he began experimenting with ornamentation of different materials.  Today that includes several metals, plastics, woods of all species and combinations of all the above.

He has donated work to the WYES Art Collection 12 for the past 9 years.  He also supports the Children’s Museum, Children’s Hospital and has been approached to provide components for exhibits in the World War II Museum in New Orleans.

Capt. Eddie sells his work in selected venues and via internet contacts.
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